• Seasons at Tarangire Safari Lodge


For most of the year Tarangire is warm and dry. Average daytime temperature is around 30°C (86°F), cooling off at night to around 10°C (50°F), cooling off at night to a mean daily minimum of  14°C (58°F).

It is warmest from December to February, and coolest in June to August, when a fleece might be useful for the early mornings.

Total annual rainfall is 725mm (28.5 inches). There are two rainy seasons; the "short" rains, which generally occur in November and December, and the "long" rains from mid March to the end of May. Although many visitors are anxious about the rains this can be a great time to visit the park. Dramatic skies and fabulous sunsets are not uncommon. Rain showers are usually heavy but short, allowing plenty of time to get out and see the animals.

The ‘best’ time to visit Tarangire is towards the end of the dry season when animals from the surrounding ecosystems come together in larger numbers to the Tarangire River.

Experience this spectacle from our lodge.